Our values

We are proud of our coffee

  • A tasty journey!

    The Barista Lab, is above all a high quality ethical coffee, with unique and authentic flavours, directly from the fair trade producer to your cup, without intermediary.

  • Environmentally friendly

    A 100% biodegradable packaging and cups made from the recycled shells of coffee beans : we commit ourselves to be responsible in order to preserve our beautiful planet.

  • Open to all!

    You have children ? Books and fun games will be available for their greatest joy.

  • Eat-in or Take-out

    In our spacious and cozy interior, in our green terraces or comfortably sitting at home : Where are you going to taste our creations ?

  • Just like home

    A peaceful, healthy and friendly atmosphere … Discover this timeless place : a safe haven in the middle of the Jonction district !

  • Local and seasonal

    All of the products we use are provided by local suppliers specialized in their field.

  • The choice to have the choice!

    Sweet, salty, veggies, vegan, gluten-free … Whatever are your desires or your diet plan, we will know how to seduce you !

  • Sharing and discovery

    Our Baristi will be delighted to make you discover their fabulous world with the unique wish to share their knowledge about specialty coffees with you.

The Barista Lab

Huskee Cup

A design and reusable coffee cup, made for coffees, at home or for people who whish to take their coffees with them while moving. Those cups are 100% natural and made with the shells of coffee beans as a base material in order to tackle the increase of wastes and to protect our planet.
Did you know ?
Each year, more than 500 billion of take-out cups are stacked in our dumps.

Do you want to contribute to reduce this number as well and help our planet like
The Barista Club does?
Then join us in the action HuskeeSwap !

Source : www.huskee.co



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