The Barista Lab: your coffee shop



About us

Our mission

Our mission is to share with you our passion for coffee and let you discover exceptional coffees with unique taste and flavors, in a peaceful and warm place.

Anchored in our origins and developped with our trips, this passion is now expressed in our brand new specialty coffee shop: The Barista Lab was created in 2020 in Geneva, our hometown.


The Barista Lab

The wonderful world of coffee

To experience the real value of a coffee, it must be savoured with delicacy. Just like a good wine, coffee has varieties resulting in many different flavour notes, from fruity tastes to chocolate ones.
The Barista Lab gives you the opportunity to discover the wonderful world of coffee through a wide selection, and sometimes from new origins.
Our trained and passionate team will make sure to take your senses into a journey, with the unique wish to share their knowledge about specialty coffees with you.

The Barista Lab philosophy

Being careful about the quality of our products, we purchase seasonal coffee beans only. Those are selected with the utmost care with our producers, active all around the world.
Our delicate roasting process focuses on the bean itself, taking its origin into account, as well as its variety and its treatment style.
This way, we are able to reveal its naturally unique characteristics in order to give you a display of authentic flavours
We assure you this: Your coffee cup will be perfect.



Our values

At The Barista Lab, we care about our ecologic and economic impact as well as our producers’ and providers’.
And in order to assure our respect for the environment, we have carefully thought and chosen each detail to protect, at most, our beautiful planet and its inhabitants.

Our commitment

An ethical and fair-trade specialty coffee, farmed without chemicals and by small producers;
A coffee without intermediary, directly from the producer to the roaster (farm to cup and fair trade) ;
Local suppliers for a tasty cuisine but healthy and home-made ;
Seasonal products and GRTA (Geneva Region - Terre Avenir) ;
Bread made by our Genevan artisan baker ;
To tackle food wastage (1/3 of the world’s production ends up in garbage) by getting our supplies directly at the Genevan greengrocer of non-caliber products that supermarkets refuse because they are not “nice enough” to be sold;
A naturesse® packaging, 100 % biodegradable;
Cups made of husk, in other words, the coffee beans (HuskeeCups). This method enables to recycle tons of organic waste produced by beans during the moulding phase of coffee production.



The Barista Lab

The Barista Lab: Just like home

With its natural tons, our spacious and cozy interior makes of the Barista Lab a haven of peace in the middle of the Junction district.
Enjoy a peaceful, friendly and healthy atmosphere, come and relax yourself in this timeless place where you can only feel like home : Good vibes insured !

Healthy and delicious meals

The Barista Lab is also the proof that taste and beauty inseparable.
Enjoy our diverse offer of healthy meals and pastries, all home-made and with local products. Vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free … We always have choices.
Including our Baristi who transform each coffee into a true masterpiece!
Taste our creations at our place for a lunch (during the week), of a brunch (the week-end), or order a take-out.

Only Good People

Open for all, The Barista Lab is also " Kids Friendly "!
The Barista Lab filter coffee not people ?
We love children and that’s why we created a special and fabulous place just for them, where books and fun games are available for their greatest joy.
Surround yourself with the ones you love and join us for a wonderful moment.
A reservation for our brunch is strongly recommended so that the team can welcome each of you as they should, with joy and good humor!


Don’t forget:
Happiness begins with a coffee!